The construction of the Dry Dock, one of the largest in the world, has been completed. The commissioning work was successfully carried out. The unique hydraulic structure measuring 485 by 114 meters and depth of 14 meters, provides unlimited opportunities for construction  Vessels of any size and complexity. The Dry Dock was put into operation ahead of originally scheduled date.

Specialists of Zvezda SSK together with representatives of Rostekhnadzor and State Expert Review Panel conducted inspection of the dry dock and its equipment for all mechanisms readiness for operation. Earlier, dry dock was filled with water in normal operation to control filtering process of the hydraulic facility. Floating bulkhead was delivered and installed on the proper operation position. It separates the dock space which bottom is below the water level from the water area. Technological bulkhead was delivered to the dry dock, it allows to divide the dock area into separate independent sections for simultaneous construction of several vessels. There were installed four 60 t tower cranes and one 1200 t Goliath crane.

Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex is being created by the group of companies headed by PJSC NK Rosneft under the authority of the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The following facilities have already been put into operation: Hull fabrication shop, Paint shops, Open final assembly area with unique cranes and advanced self-propelled transportation system, floating transfer dock. Due to the built workshops it is possible to start vessels fabrication  without waiting for the completion of the shipyard construction.

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