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In range of construction stage 2, self-propelled transportation system with a lifting capacity of 3300 tons has been delivered to the Zvezda, SSK. This equipment is designed for transfer between shops and areas of Zvezda, SSK of large-size sections and vessels’ blocks in the process of their construction.

New self-propelled transportation system consists of 16 modules and 4 power blocks. Depending on the weight and the measure, modules joint with each other in different configuration. In such a case, the maximum weight of transporting freight is 3000 tons and it is the weight of outfitting by equipment of megablocks, from which the hulls of large-size vessels are formed. In particular, self-propelled transportation system can move the ring block of Aframax type tanker with weighting 2300 tons and measuring 46x23x21 meters, or the bottom section of LNG carrier with weighting 2936 tons and measuring 50x50x32 meters. As a comparison, before that, the operations for moving of large-size sections were produced by conveyors with ultimate carrying capacity of 1300 tons, and the maximum weight of the block which can lift the biggest Goliath crane at the shipyard is 1200 tons. Moreover, the transportation of freight can be remotely operated by one operator of self-propelled transportation system, using the control console.

In addition to the unique capacity, the equipment has high maneuvering ability, specifically 7 modes of motion both on the place with full freight and in the process of transportation of the freight by changing of steering programs. Also, self-propelled transportation system can overcome different obstacles with a slope at full load no less than 6%, in consequence of positioning control of work platform in the horizon - when moving on an uneven surface, through obstacles such as rails and hydraulic balance of the load on the axis for equal distribution of the load from freight to the ground.  Turning angle of every axis of wheel is also non-standard – from 0 to 130 degrees in the mode of diagonal and diagonal-transverse pace, which allows self-propelled transportation system to maneuver as much as possible in difficult and cramped conditions of the shipyard, making longitudinal, transverse, diagonal, diagonal-transverse and circular taxiing with all wheels. Besides, there is a slow motion mode for ease of positioning of the freight.

Self-propelled transportation system of new-generation will service both the functional objects of the shipyard, transporting sections and blocks of vessels from the shops to the final outfitting slipway as well as areas of dry dock which were constructed with advance of schedule and will start the production activity in this year.