Zvezda Shipyard received a conclusion on Dry dock compliance with technical requirements


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Shipbuilding complex Zvezda received a conclusion on Dry dock compliance with project documentation requirements. The document was issued after completion of Rostekhnadzor inspection.  One of the key facilities of the second phase of construction of Zvezda Shipyard has officially been commissioned.  Dry Dock of SSK Zvezda is the largest in Russia and one of the largest in the world.

The unique facility measuring 485 by 114 meters and depth of 14 meters, provides unlimited opportunities for construction of numerous types of existing and prospective Vessels without limiting the launching hull weight, including the largest Ice class LNG carrier for operation at Northen Sea Route, drilling Vessels of strengthen ice class, complex marine equipment, as well as construction of elements of the top structures of semi-submersible and other offshore platforms.

The construction of Dry dock has been started in September, 2018.  Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in the solemn ceremony of pouring the first cubic meter of concrete.  During construction, 3,148,706 cubic meters of earthwork have been completed at the facilities, 289,309 cubic meters concrete and reinforced concrete structures have been constructed, 4,368 metal piles were sunk, 8,747 bored piles were made, 3,432 tons of steel structures were installed.

Unique piping equipment was installed at Dry dock. Four pumping units with a capacity of 4800 kW are capable of pumping out more than 600 thousand cubic meter of sea water in record time - no more than 8 hours.  This is the most productive pimping equipment installed at Russian Shipyards.

Also there is a floating caisson installed in Dry dock. A floating structure of 114 m long and 13.45 m high separates the dock chamber from the water area, the bottom of which is located below the water level. The floating caisson hull made of shipbuilding high-strength steel. It has a continuous waterproof coating and divided by decks and bulkheads into air, ballast and open compartments.  The floating caisson has ballast systems, drainage systems, ventilation systems, dry dock filling valves, as well as a local fire extinguishing system and a fire alarm.  The floating caisson is controlled from the central console and local posts.  Another feature is the availability of a roadway on the upper deck of the floating caisson.

In addition, a technological gate was delivered to the dock, which allows dividing the dock area into separate independent compartments for the construction of several Vessels at the same time.  There were installed four tower cranes with a lifting capacity of 60 tons and a Goliath gantry crane with a lifting capacity of 1200 tons.

Shipbuilding Complex Zvezda is being created by the group of companies headed by PJSC NK Rosneft under the authority of the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The following facilities have already been put into operation at SSK Zvezda: Hull Fabrication Shop, Paint Shops, Open final assembly area with a fleet of unique cranes and a modern self-propelled transportation system, Floating transfer dock. The constructed workshops made it possible, without waiting for the completion of the construction of the shipyard, to start Vessels construction.

The Dry dock has the following facilities:

∙ Dry dock, total area of 65,898 m2;

∙ Main pumping station with a total area of ​​2,087 m2;

Jointing quay No. 1 with the length of 124.5 m;

Jointing quay No. 2 with the length of 77.58 m;

∙ Outfitting quay No. 1 with the length of 111.62 m;

∙ Outfitting quay No. 2 with the length of 410 m;

∙ Outfitting quay No. 3 with the length of 400 m;

∙ Main gate (floating caisson) and intermediate technological gate of the dry dock;

∙ Portal tower cranes with the lifting capacity of 60 t (4 pcs);

∙ Portal tower cranes, capacity 70 t (4 pcs);

∙ Goliath type gantry crane, capacity 1,200 t;

∙ Complex of treatment facilities for industrial and rain runoff;

∙ Heating points;

∙ 10 kV transformer substations — 8 units; 

∙ Gasification station for industrial gases;

∙ Permanent zone of customs control;

∙ Outdoor network and technological equipment.


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