Engineers from the Far Eastern Federal university provide scientific support of the dry dock construction at Zvezda shipyard.

Professors and students of the Far Eastern Federal university (FEFU) have started calculations and development of recommendations on the introduction of new technologies and materials at the biggest shipyard in Russia -  Zvezda shipbuilding complex – within the framework of scientific and technical support of the dry dock construction.



In the dry dock it is planned to build “Leader”, the world’s biggest ice-breaker intended to be the only vessel of this class, capable of carrying out the broadest year-round escort of vessels along the Northern sea route necessary for the development of projects in the Arctic. Dock parameters will also allow to build ice class drilling vessels and other offshore facilities.

 "Dock is a construction site for the future ice breaker. The facility will be 100 m width and 400 m length, it will be located below sea level. Therefore, dock will be influenced by different forces, including ground waters , rocky ground upon which it rests, the weight of the vessel under construction,- said Egor Pomnikov, assistant professor of the Hydraulic Engineering Department of FEFU, PhD in Technical Sciences. – Dock is influenced by rise and fall of the tides, sometimes it is flooded by sea water, tries to tilt, aggressive oils and gases are used inside of it during operation. In brief, this structure operating in difficult conditions is considered to be a unique one. Unique structures shall be provided with scientific and technical support both at the design and construction stages”.

 Having  performed calculations and checked them on the dock model during design stage, FEFU engineers shall solve practical issues: explore earth foundation, test   reinforcement steel on a special tension testing machine, select concrete composition for the durability of the structural elements. According to Alexander Becker, director of FEFU school of Engineering, specialists of the university have already prepared recommendations for ensuring reliability of the special construction protecting pit of the dry dock and performed complex bottom calculations.

 Dry dock pit which is bigger than the dock itself has already been formed, construction of the walls of the future dock was started in September. There was equipped the field laboratory of the University on the construction site for quality control of concrete production and technology of its styling.

 "We work in cooperation with dock designers. Concrete composition is constantly adjusted for example due to the weather conditions, - noted Egor Pomnikov. – Specialists from laboratories of new materials, modelling of complex engineering systems and facilities, ice trials of Research and Educational Centre “Arctic” are engaged in these activities. Students, post-graduate students and young scientists of FEFU responded with great pleasure to the call to participate in this project. We have studied, together with our graduate students, one of the dock structures recently.  We were very pleased to participate in the project and see such a unique  construction site”.

 As a rule, all man built structures undergo vertical loads. Hydraulic structures are unique due to the influence of horizontal loads. There is a school of hydraulic engineering in FEFU specializing on offshore hydrotechnics since 1970s. Its specialists, for example, participated in the design of facilities in the framework of Sakhalin projects on gas extraction and provided scientific support of the activities. Therefore, they know everything about the influence of different forces on hydraulic structures.

 FEFU engineers will provide scientific support of the dock construction before putting it into operation which is scheduled for 2020.

 Exploration and development of the World ocean in the Arctic and Far East areas of Russia is one of the priorities of the Far Eastern Federal university.  “Arctic” center was established within the framework of Program on improving FEFU competitiveness. Scientists carry out scientific research work upon the industrial order and full range of engineering services for industrial partners from Russia and APAC countries.

 Far Eastern Federal university together with Far Eastern Centre of Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center and Shipbuilding Complex “Zvezda” conduct targeted training of personnel, research, organize students internship. Now about 200 students, who will work at the shipbuilding enterprises of the region, learn in Engineering school FEFU.

 Russian newspaper, 05.12.2018

Оlga Zhurman.


On March 23, members of Primorsky branch of the Union of Journalists of Russia held a retreat in Bolshoy Kamen and visited Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex through which town received focused attention of the highest-level leaders. Representatives of town authorities and shipyard management told journalists about how former closed administrative-territorial entity is becoming a noticeable “point of growth” both in the Far East and in Russia.

Representatives of  receiving party – head of urban district of Bolshoy Kamen Alexandr Andryukhin and head of town council Alexey Kuznetsov- told journalists about problems the town faced with due to the highest-level leaders decision to create a large-scale center of civil shipbuilding – Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex based on the military shipyard.

According to the speakers, works on establishment of a new social infrastructure and ,above all, housing construction for the yard non-resident staff, have already been started in the former closed administrative-territorial entity (status of the closed administrative-territorial entity was cancelled in 2015, in 2016 Bolshoy Kamen became a priority development area). In the future, it is planned to build additional kindergartens, schools, health institutions in the town.

Alexandr Andryukhin noted that plans on  town development required close cooperation of town authorities with state, federal authorities and shipbuilding complex management team. Alexey Kuznetsov reminded that at the moment Bolshoy Kamen is in the center of highest-level leaders attention and thanked journalists for their assistance in the establishment of constructive communication between regional authorities and recently elected town council.

Report of Andrey Akimov, director general of Visit DV LLC, on housing construction projects in Bolshoy Kamen attracted considerable interest and raised many questions among participants of the meeting.

At the moment local company (PDA resident since 2017) has already built and delivered in record for the region’s construction industry time four apartment buildings: two on request of municipal administration and two on request of Zvezda LLC. Nowadays, company, using its PDA resident status, is building its fifth house, it is planned to build another two.

After the meeting a tour of Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex was held by director general of Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center (FESRC) Yury Filchenok and director of Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex LLC Sergey Tseluiko, having answered numerous journalists questions.

Participants examined hull structures fabrication shop, paint shops, open final assembly area and Goliath type crane. They saw with their own eyes that works at the shipyard are ongoing- sections of four multifunctional ice breaker supply vessels are being constructed on request of Rosneft. This is despite the fact that completion of shipbuilding complex construction is planned for 2024.

In parallel with production activities, construction of second phase facilities – dry dock for construction of large range vessels and production workshops for related production operations, is ongoing. According to Yury Filchenok, an operating shipyard will become a center of shipbuilding cluster that will allow to construct ready-to-operate vessels, fully equipped and supplied.

During the final meeting, Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex managers told about HR policy on specialists recruitment (by 2024 it is planned to create up to 7 thousand new jobs) and several new micro districts construction at the expense of the company in Bolshoy Kamen.

Based on the material of PrimaMedia News Agency:

DSC04316 DSC04403

Vladimir Putin has come with a business trip to Primorsky krai: president has visited “Zvezda” shipbuilding complex, which in the nearest future will become one of the biggest shipyards in the world. In the years ahead, the biggest civil vessels will be constructed here. The shipyard is under construction now but the first orders have already been received. The president promised that he would personally monitor the load plan of the complex.

The bay of Bolshoi Kamen is not just a new shipbuilding cluster, it is a priority development area, there are already lots of such areas in the Far East. Investments are counted on, therefore special terms for the residents are offered. Dozens of companies have already announced their intention to come to the bay.

“Zvezda” shipbuilding complex is shining brighter and brighter. This is the first  Russian shipyard of large-capacity vessels construction, where different objects will be launched- from the gas-tankers to the huge offshore drilling and exploration platforms. On 8 September, in the presence of the president, keel laying ceremony of four vessels was held- “Catherine the Great”, “Saint Mary”, “Vladimir Monomakh” and “Alexander Nevsky”. These are future multiple ice breaker supply vessels.

In fact, company with a history is being built from scratch.

“I have first-hand knowledge of the situation in the shipyard, I am constantly keeping track of it. It is pleasant to note that this large-scale project, important for the whole country, is developing steadily, moving forward. Almost all works are being performed at the shipyard in accordance with schedule. And it is imperative that construction of vessels and marine facilities has already been started”, Vladimir Putin noted.

A new “Zvezda” is being built at the expense of oil producers. “Rosneft” provides the pilot load. First tankers are being specially built for the shelf projects of the country. But first of all- the shipyard itself. The builders are delivering the land based construction area ahead of schedule- seven giant cranes were installed on it.

There have been no such powerful cranes in Russia yet. “Goliath” is considered to be the biggest crane in the world in relation to the load capacity, height and width of the entry.

“There are cranes with load capacity up to 900 tons”, Alexandr Kolbin, director of the direction of construction of “Zvezda” shipbuilding complex explains.

-         And this crane capacity is 1200 tons?

“Yes, 1200 tons. This is the first and the only crane in Russia”, Kolbin noted. A new dry dock, additional workshops are being constructed, so dozen giant cranes will be delivered soon”.

“When putting dry dock into operation, the overall steel production of the shipyard will amount to 300 000 tons per year. It will be the biggest shipyard in Russia. We will be able to construct vessels of different classes for the Russian customers”, Yuriy Filchenok, Director General  of the Far Eastern shipyard “Zvezda”, noted.
The complete start of the shipyard is planned in 7 years, orders are already scheduled for years to come.

Foreign partners are also interested in the shipyard potential. Those who want to order vessels here and those who want to participate in the construction.
“The most interesting projects for us are those connected with the ice breakers construction. Shipbuilding industry is rapidly developing in Russia. Collaborating with local shipyards we can increase production in Russia and get the mutual benefit”, Dae-young Park, president of Samsung Heavy Industries, says.
"At the moment it is important to solve the main strategic goal- to start the construction of the complete line of large capacity and medium vessels, marine facilities. Forward plan of the shipyard load till 2035 has already been approved. I expect it will be fulfilled. I am sure that the company staff and your colleagues realize the scale and importance of the tasks, and do all their best to create a competitive shipbuilding center for the construction of the advanced and actual products. “Zvezda” will definitely join the rank of the leading Russian and foreign shipyards”, Vladimir Putin directs.  

“Rosneft” Chief Executive Officer reported to the president that the complete start of the shipyard will provide the town with more than seven thousand working positions. New residential areas are being built. “ Despite high cost loading, company allocated funds for the construction of six residential houses for 444 flats, two of which have already been built. Delivery of the remaining four houses is scheduled for the end of 2018,” Igor Sechin,  Rosneft Chief Executive Officer reported.

It is planned to turn Bolshoi Kamen into a full-fledged sea port, one of the biggest logistic centers in the Far East.

Based on the materials of the website dated 8 September 2017

it was stated during the visit of Yuriy Borisov, Vice Chairman of the RF Government to Primorye.

The meeting headed by Vice Chairman brought together  executives of the Russian Ministry of Defence, Rosneft company, shipbuilding companies, whereas Primorsky kray was presented by Alexander Kostenko, the first vice governor, on behalf of the head of the region.

As Yuriy Borisov said, several ultramodern ice-breakers are to be build pursuant to the presidential instruction of Vladimir Putin on development of the Northern Sea Route. One of them is an ice-breaker “Leader”, 120 megawatt, the only one of its kind in the world, it shall be commissioned in 2027.

IMG 6434

Two shipyards are currently under consideration to determine which of them shall build the icebreaker. One is the Baltic shipyard in Saint Petersburg and the other is Zvezda in Primorye. There are some criteria of the shipyard selection, the main ones are minimal expenses and delivery dates for the project, – stressed the vice prime minister.

Yuriy Borisov noticed that the place to construct the icebreaker shall be decided by the mid-July 2018, and the keel laying of the vessel will take place in 2020 at the latest.


During his visit Yuriy Borisov also inspected the existing production facilities of the shipbuilding complex, in particular, Vice Premier visited a hull production shop, where ice class vessels are now being constructed. Vice Chairman also inspected a building site of the dry dock of Zvezda shipbuilding complex.


Yuriy Borisov marked high rate of construction and named the shipbuilding complex as a unique one.

Alexander Kostenko, the first vice-governor of Primorye, stressed that construction of the largest icebreaker in Bolshoy Kamen will provide a stimulating impulse for development of both regional shipbuilding industry and the region in whole.

“Administration of Primorskiy kray will render any assistance for the project implementation if the shipyard will get the order”, – told deputy head of the region.

It should be reminded, that modern shipyard “Zvezda” is being built at the territory of ship repairing yard and sites adjacent to it in Bolshoy Kamen bay under the control of the President and the Russian government. Vessels of any complexity, characteristics and purposes including previously not produced in Russia will be built here at the shipyard. In September 2017 an official ceremony of keel laying of the first four vessels was held at the shipyard with the participation of Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia.


Shipbuilding complex “Zvezda” will create 6,5 thousand new job vacancies in Primorsky krai. Part of vacancies was presented at the job fair that was held during Days of the Far East in Moscow.

Specialists of shipbuilding and ship repair industry rank among Top 5 of on-fire specialities in the Far East. 6,5 thousand peolpe to be employed to the shipbuilding complex “Zvezda”, being built in Primorye. 1,5 thousand vacancies are to be filled in 2018, said Alexandr Polkovnikov, head of the Training department of SSC “Zvezda”.

“More than a half of these vacancies are blue-color jobs, such as chippers, electric and gas welders, pipe fitters, painter. Engineers with high education are also required. There is a great demand for engineering personnel with higher education.

We have recruited maximum number of local specialists in the Far East, but the demand for personnel exceeds the possibilities of the Far Eastern labor market, therefore we are searching for “Zvezda” personnel all over Russia” he noted.

Enterprise is working in accordance with the State program of the labour forces mobility increase. This year within the program we have recruited 80 highly qualified specialists, it is planned to recruit more than 100 specialists next year.

Stand of Shipbuilding complex “Zvezda” attracted job fair participants due to its bright design and creative ideas. Talking robot with bright logo met guests, all who wished could make a 3D tour of the production shops via augmented reality glasses. Alexander  Polkovnikov told that job fair participants were interested in the work at SSC. Some of them provided their resume, were interviewed. Maybe, some of them will choose SSC “Zvezda” and the Far East in the nearest future.

Head of the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East, Valentin Tumakov told that lack of specialists resulted from the narrow labour market and high demand.

“Several big shipbuilders, such as Shipbuilding complex “Zvezda” and  Amur Shipbuilding plant have a great demand for the shipbuilders. At the moment, around 20 000 people are working in the shipbuilding industry in the Far East, in the years ahead labour market in this field will increase by 45%. In such cases, Agency start to search specialists in the other Russian regions. Therefore , Job fair ,held during Days of the Far East in Moscow, provides a good opportunity for the search and selection of personnel”, head of the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East said.

«Shipbuilding complex «Zvezda» is of great importance both for the Far East and the whole country. Large capacity vessels and the most sophisticated marine facilities will be built at this modern shipyard”, Alexander Galushka, Minister on the development of the Far East, noted.

Story of a new citizen of the Far Eastern district, who has gone to work to Primorsky krai to the shipyard “Zvezda” that is under construction now: about “large-scale production, sea resort and red caviar”.

The first impression about Primorsky krai was- this is a resort, Roman thought when driving from the airport. The reserved district resembled our hero Crimea. Head of Automation department of SSK “Zvezda”, Roman Molsky, left Moscow for Primorye, having received  a good job offer.

“I heard about this project, when I started to go into details, I understood that I want to work here. This is a good opportunity to receive invaluable experience, a goldmine of information. As the phrase goes, to see new people and to let them see my own self”, he said. Furthermore, Roman heard that there is a lot of red caviar in the Far East. So first of all upon arrival he has eaten it to repletion and with a feeling of a duty fulfilled he started his work.

“My work is very interesting, my duty is to automate production processes, scale of which impresses with its enormity. Work at the construction site is humming. Herewith, big scope of steel cutting and welding work is performed by the machines. Hard manual work has been substituted by hard-technology modern production, that requires special knowledge and competence. We control the employees training on work with the complex equipment. I have also been constantly studying”, Roman Molsky said.

In the nearest future one more house construction will be completed for the shipyard employees in Bolshoi Kamen. Roman will get an employer–rented housing and bring his family to Primorye. His friends are also going to move to our district.

“My wife is looking forward to it, I told her how beautiful Primorsky krai is. The longer I stay here, the more I like this district. The town itself looks like one of Kursk districts, my native town. There is wonderful nature, hills, sea. In fact, I am working in the resort town, this is a dream! Lots of my friends are interested in work in the Far East, here there is enough work”, he added.

Since the beginning of the year, more than 2,7 thousand people have been  employed
in the Far Eastern enterprises with the assistance of the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East. People from all over the country go to work to the regions of Far Eastern Federal District. “In most cases they are attracted by new production and competitive salary”, Valentin Timakov, Director General of the Agency, told.

“New projects being implemented in the Far East, offer exciting possibilities for self-fulfillment both of Far Eastern citizens and specialists from the other regions of the country. Even now Far Eastern salary is 20% higher than 
All-Russian level, and in the next 3-5 years it will inevitably grow due to the high economic density. Even now employers feel personnel deficiency, therefore cost of the qualified labor will become more expensive”, head of the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East noted.

Julia Shatina, “Komsomolskaya Pravda” dated 26 August 2017.

 The Floating Transfer Dock, 40K t capacity is designed for transferring and launching vessels with length up to 300 m and breadth up to 51 m, and offshore facilities, in particular, drilling rigs with length up to 118 m, breadth up to 70 m, from Zvezda open slipway area. Russian yards have not used such equipment yet.

 The Floating Transfer Dock for modern Zvezda shipbuilding complex, created at the Russian Far East is constructed at shipyard of Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co (BSIC).

 The Dock is constructed in accordance with schedule and contractual obligations. Total percentage of the dock readiness is about 98%.

 The dock hull has been completed, outfitted and equipment has been installed in it. All four towers of superstructure have been mounted.

 The construction and tests of the dock are carried out under the control of supervision team and the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

 All welded joints of the dock bottom have been inspected and approved , as well as pressure tests. For the moment, start-up and commissioning are coming to an end. There are no remarks on quality and time terms of the construction. Systems and equipment of the dock are being tested.

 Crew is trained to use the dock equipment and systems at BSIC shipyard, Qingdao (PRC). The dock is planned to be accepted in Qingdao in May 2018. Then, it will be towed to Bolshoy Kamen.


The shipbuilding complex “Zvezda” will become a support for the Russian development of Arctic.

In Primorsky Bolshoy Kamen, the construction of the shipbuilding complex (SSC) Zvezda is being actively implemented. Despite the fact that the shipyard is still being created, the work is humming for five large orders: four ice supply vessels and a floating dock in the first shops, launched last autumn. The next in line are dozens of orders, contracts for which have already been signed.

“Vladivostok” newspaper reporter visited the new center of the Russian shipbuilding to make sure with his own eyes in the declared magnitude of the project and its implementation. The main difference between Zvezda complex in Primorye is its specialization - it is focused on the production of large-range heavy ice-class vessels for work in the Laptev and the Kars seas and in the north Sakhalin. It should be noted that the Arctic direction is a strategic one for the country for decades to come. Nowadays active mining and geological exploration is conducted in the region. The initial results of the research make it clear that Arctic is an oil and gas treasure trove and that this area will provide the human with energy resources for many years to come. Moreover, this is a poorly explored and hard to access region, the potential of which is huge. And the primary task is to scale up, enlarge the exploration of the territory and create a stable and economically profitable infrastructure for the production and delivery of natural resources. To complete the new tasks a new fleet is required. And it will be fabricated in Primorye.

Accommodation according to schedule

Let`s turn our mind to Primorsky Komsomol street in Bolshoy Kamen. One might wonder, what is the difference between an aquatorium of Sabetta seaport, covered with 2 m thickness ice, in Yamal and quiet building estate number 5 built-up with five-storey apartment buildings in a tidy manner? And the connection is very strong. Among these five storey buildings one can especially distinguish two new buildings. These are two beautiful buildings for 68 apartments each. For the moment, one is fully occupied and the other one is under the settlement. The matter is that the buildings are assigned for the current and future employees of SSC “Zvezda”, who will build the tankers, supply vessels, ice-breakers and other vessels capable to break 2m arctic ice, to guide a fleet by the Northern sea route, explore the most secret corners of the Arctic region and so on. Everything is interconnected, and it is impossible to imagine one of the above-mentioned thing without the other. The two buildings are the bright results of an apartment construction program for the employees of SSC “Zvezda”. The new shipyard will require specialists not only from all the Primorsky kray, but from all Russia. In the immediate future it will be thousands of people that will come to Primorye with their wives and children. Thousands of families will require comfortable modern apartments. There is a sixth micro district which will be built with buildings for SSC “Zvezda” employees not far away from the fifth micro district where the two above-mentioned five-storey buildings were built.

–Until 2024, when the construction of all the facilities of the shipbuilding complex will be near to completion, we plan to deliver about seven thousand apartments, - says Head of the group of external communications, "Zvezda" SSC, Ekaterina Shuvalova, - at the moment, two objects have been built and commissioned. Apartment buildings are being built actively in the sixth micro district. The next year commissioning of the buildings is to be done in four steps. All the processes are going on according to the established schedule. Apartments in new buildings meet all modern requirements of quality and comfort. The objects are commissioned as “ready to move in”. All sanitary equipment is installed inside, and a necessary set of furniture is available. The buildings are equipped with entrance ramps for people with limited mobility, there are playgrounds in adjacent territory. And of course, parking spaces are provided. Head of the shipyard hull production shop, Sergey Evstratov moved in one of such apartments eight months ago, he left Saint Petersburg for Bolshoy Kamen together with his wife.

– When I was offered to work for the shipbuilding complex “Zvezda”, I didn`t think a lot, I decided to go – Sergey Evstratov confesses – and the main reason is a perspective and a scale of the production. This is a new object with a unique equipment, to my opinion, for Russian shipbuilding yards. High standards of the production have been set initially.

From a clean metal plate

Hull production shop is a huge shop with six lines. Here comes raw material for ships and docks – metal plates, and ready sections and other structures go out from the shop, they are used for hull assembly for the future tankers, supply vessel, etc.

– The shop includes preparation and hull assembly production, – explains Sergey Evstratov – The first line, for example, is the line of steel plate cutting, in which flat details are produced and then delivered to next production stages. The details are grounded, checked and then the stage of sections assembly starts. Right in front of “Vladivostok” reporter`s eyes a giant cutter nozzle marked geometrical figures on a steel plate with a surgical accuracy. Flame jet cuts out a thick steel layer just like a copy-book page, creating another product, another joint of future vessel hull. Assemblers Ilya and Ivan came to Bolshoy Kamen from Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Both tell about their job willingly, both have shining eyes. – Two weeks passed since I `v been working here. Equipment is not familiar to me, but everything is rather understandable, so I grasped and gained insight into, - tells Ilya not without pride. – Why did I move here? I`ve been seven years in my profession and I know what the shipbuilding shop is. It is difficult to surprise me. But when I first came into “Zvezda” shop, I saw such cleanness, felt such a fresh air. I was just amazed. Here, under the same roof many processes are implemented, such as steel cutting, welding and processing and all possible works. How easily one can breathe! The conditions are just wonderful; the equipment is modern and interesting. There are a lot of work, but it's heartening to see that.

His colleague Ivan came to Bolshoy Kamen on the advice of his friends, with whom he worked in one team in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. – Cleanness, warmth, sea, salary, – he lists the local advantages. – The production level is absolutely different. One can see at once, that the project is of great importance, challenging and nationwide.

“Goliath” is ready to work

In 2017, the number of ready-made facilities of the shipyard was supplemented with an outfitting slipway equipped with the largest shipbuilding crane in Russia called Goliath. The span of the crane is 230 meters, the loading capacity is 1200 tons, and the luffing height is 98 meters. Its metal beams, painted in yellow, can be easily seen from the beaches of Shamora.

– “Zvezda” shipyard is designed for the construction of large- and medium-range ice-class vessels. Therefore, the crane capacities are required in great amount," explains technical manager of the design and assembly department, Evgeny Beinarovich, - Currently, we have completed the installation of crane equipment, which is the most modern and unique in Russia. Six cranes of seven were commissioned. Commissioning works of the Goliath is coming to the end. This is a unique and the only one in the world similar object combining three characteristics: lifting height, span width and loading capacity. And I repeat, there are no analogues in the world. “Goliath” really justifies its name (for those who does not know: this is the household name of the biblical character - the giant warrior). It looks huge. It's nice to realize that this is not a show-off and not a desire to catch up with someone and surpass them in terms of characteristics, but a simple production necessity. Without such a crane, it would be difficult to build ships to conquer Arctic. If you go up to the Goliath top platform (the elevator goes a minute and a half), a beautiful view of Bolshoy Kamen and the shipyard itself opens there: finished objects and objects that are under construction. And the scale of the whole picture is just breathtaking.

Reference of “Vladivostok” newspaper

SSC “ZVEZDA” is the first Russian shipyard of large range shipbuilding able to meet the needs of Russian customers on construction of offshore facilities to provide the production of natural resources on the continental shelf of the country. Including drilling platforms capable to work year-round in Arctic, as well as commercial vessels for transporting goods along the internal and external sea routes, Aframax and Suezmax tankers, operating on gas fuel and meeting all the latest environmental standards. PJSC "NK Rosneft" provides pilot loading of the complex. The company signed an exclusive agreement with JSC "FESSRC" to place all orders for the construction of new offshore facilities and vessels at its facilities, as well as contracts for the design, construction and supply of multifunctional ice breaker supply vessels. Construction of SSC "Zvezda" is divided into two stages. However, the word "divided" here is not very appropriate, because both lines are being built simultaneously. As the "V" was informed by the press service of the shipbuilding complex, the first, extended stage is on a land base construction area. It is one of the largest slipways in Russia and the world with length more than 500 meters and three slipway roads for construction ocean vessels up to 250 meters length. Soon, production activity will start here –

assembly of the first sea vessels. In general, the shipyard will have about 200 large cranes. At the first stage the shipbuilding complex will have about 30 large industrial facilities. Last year, the first two objects were commissioned: hull production shop and painting shop. Under Rosneft order, four ships are being built. A contract was signed for the construction of five Aframax class tankers for transportation of oil products. The beginning of their construction is planned in 2017-2018. The second stage of the shipyard involves the construction of a dry dock - a special ship-lifting facility, which will allow to build all types of sea-going vessels. It will be the largest dock in Russia and one of the largest in the world: its length is 485 meters, width - 114, depth - 13 meters. It will be equipped with "Goliath" type cranes to move large sections and blocks during assembly of vessels. The object is to be commissioned in 2019. Another shipbuilding production will be built around the dock. According to the plan, in 2020 the second turn of the shipyard is to start working, and by 2024 all the facilities will be constructed in full.

Eugeniy Sidorov, “Vladivostok” newspaper dated November29, 2017.

Project of construction of the modern shipbuilding complex “Zvezda” is implemented in the South of Primorsky krai at the Bolshoi Kamen Bay. Shipyard will become a unique production area for construction of large-capacity vessels and offshore platforms for hydrocarbons extraction and transportation. This class production has no analogues in Russia, it will be a basis of the arctic fleet of the largest oil and gas companies in Russia.

There will be up to 7500 employees at the shipyard upon completion of the construction in 2025. About 400 people have been employed at the shipyard this year. By the end of 2017 total number of the shipyard employees will be 1700 people, most of them are citizens of Primorsky krai.

 At the moment works on keel laying section construction for the first vessel by order of PJSC “NK “Rosneft” are in progress. As noted by the company, there are open vacancies for the specialists of different professions who have working experience in the field of big industrial production and shipbuilding: design-engineers, technical engineers on work with CNC equipment, rate setters, labour specialists, highly skilled workers- welders, benders, hull assemblers. Those specialists who do not have such an experience, but ready to learn and relearn, can attend courses of professional education which are organized for on-fire working specialities.
Along with that, SC “Zvezda” construction is ongoing, and there is still demand for the specialists and workers of the construction industry. About 50 graduates of engineering faculties of FESU, Nevelskoy MSU, Far Eastern shipbuilding college, soon upon graduation, received invitation from the employer on work at SC “Zvezda”.

In the nearest future, due to the high demand for the employees, representatives of HR department of “Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center” are going to visit towns and districts of Primorsky krai to conduct days of the company on the basis of the local job centers.

Competitive salary, high-technology working positions at the automated equipment and social security system, form a new type of the employer in Primorsky krai interested in the presence of qualified specialists in the region.

Housing construction for the shipyard employees is one of the most important tasks for the specialists attraction and retention.

The first house was delivered in 2016 and occupied by tenants. Second house construction will be completed in September 2017. It is scheduled to construct in total six company houses for 444 flats using the funds of NK “Rosneft”.

Design phase was completed, works at the construction site of rental housing ,with further possibility of purchasing using easy-term mortgage lending, are in progress. Within the period from 2017 till 2024 it is scheduled to construct more than six thousand flats, this will fully meet shipyard employees requirements of flats.
Let us recall, the first in Russia shipyard of large-capacity vessels construction is being built in the south of Primorsky krai in Bolshoi Kamen. “Zvezda” will construct large-capacity vessels, offshore drilling, exploration and production platforms, auxiliary fleet vessels including ice-breakers.

By the order of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, Primorsky krai participates in the creation of social infrastructure objects PDA “Bolshoi Kamen” where one of the biggest shipyards is being built. According to the governor of Primorsky krai, there will be built 750 flats of rental housing for the future employees of “Zvezda” and social infrastructure objects.

Previously Vladimir Miklushevsky, governor of Primorsky krai, noted that unique mechanisms, having been established in Primorsky krai- PDA and Free Port of Vladivostok- within 10 years will help to increase both number of working positions and Gross Regional Product by 2,5 times.

Based on information from the official website of Primorsky krai administration dated 13 June 2017.


18 January 2022Officially
  Zvezda Shipyard received a conclusion on Dry dock compliance with technical requirements      Shipbuilding complex Zvezda received a conclusion on Dry dock compliance with project documentation requirements. The…
14 January 2022Officially
Sea trials of “Vladimir Vinogradov” tanker have been completed at Zvezda Shipbuilding complex. The second Aframax tanker was built at Zvezda SSK on request of Rosnefteflot , NK Rosneft subsidiary.…
14 January 2022Officially
Steel cutting for 6th carrier in the series of ARC7 LNG carriers was started at Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex.  Ceremony took place in the Hull Fabrication Shop. The first part was…