Zvezda shipbuilding complex has started the construction of two multifunctional research vessels for an unlimited navigation area. The first parts of Vessel were cut in the Hull Fabrication Shop on a high-tech plasma cutting machine.

2K5A2582 2K5A2854 2K5A2873

In 2020, the Government of the Russian Federation has designated SSK Zvezda as the sole executor of the contract for the construction of two research Vessels, provided for by the national project "Science".

Such ships have not been built in Russia for several decades. Renovation of the research fleet is an important state task. The Central Design Bureau “Lazurit” is engaged in the design of the Vessels.

The new Vessels are intended for carrying out fundamental and applied nature marine research in the waters of the World Ocean. Scientific work includes hydrometeorological measurements, measurements of magnetic, gravitational, electric and thermal fields, conducting biological and ecological research, high-resolution geological and hydrographic surveying of the bottom, sampling and analysis of rock and bottom sediment samples using underwater technology, ecological monitoring of the environment. A wide range of measurements will be carried out using the most modern onboard and towed equipment, the research Vessel laboratories will be able to process the received data in real time.

Arc4 Ice class will allow Vessels to independently overcome one-year old Ice up to 0.6 meters thick during winter-spring navigation and up to 0.8 meters during summer-autumn navigation. The Vessels will be 122.5 meters long and have a displacement of 8,130 tons. They will be able to sail autonomously for 50 days and make transitions with a range of 7,500 miles. The Vessels are provided with helipads.