At Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex, the next «Green» Aframax type tanker with a deadweight of 114K tons was laid, which the shipyard is building for Rosnefteflot. This is the seventh vessel in a series of 12 tankers in the orders’ portfolio of Zvezda, SSK.

The contract for the construction of the tanker was signed by Zvezda, SSK in 2017 with State Transport Leasing Company and Rosnefteflot – a specialized subsidiary of Rosneft, implementing projects in the field of marine logistics. Steel cutting for Aframax began in the shipyard's Hull Fabrication shop in February 2020, and the planned delivery date for the vessel to the Buyer is 2022.

During the ceremony with the participation of the shipyard's management, representatives of the Buyer, partnership organizations and the company's workforce, such as Sergey Tseluiko, Managing Director of Zvezda, SSK, and Alexander Kovalenko, Technical Manager of Rosnefteflot, attached a memorable inset nameplate to the keel section of the future tanker. The vessel will be named «Academic Ivanter» - in honor of the outstanding Russian economist-predictionist and academic of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

830A0110 830A0248 830A0095 

Aframax type tankers are the first vessels of such type to be built in Russia. They are designed for the transportation of crude oil and oil products in an unrestricted navigation area. The vessel is designed in line with high environmental safety standards and in accordance with the new regulations to limit emissions of sulfur oxides and greenhouse gases in the basin of the Baltic and Northern seas: main and auxiliary power plants can operate on environmentally friendly fuel-liquefied natural gas. The tanker length is 250 meters, the width is 44 meters, the deadweight is 114K tons. At the moment, 7 Aframax type tankers are being built at various stages at Zvezda shipyard. The lead vessel of a series, after a successful launch and sea trials was handed over to the Buyer in December 2020.