The first detail for Aframax tanker

December 25, 2017 Officially

The first steel cutting for the first-in-class Aframax tanker was held at the Shipbuilding Complex “Zvezda” on December 8, 2017. The event took place in the hull production shop in the presence of important visitors and the SSC employers.

Aframax oil tankers will become the first orders of a new shipyard for large range vessel construction.  The future tankers are unique vessels. They are designed for unrestricted navigation area and designed for transportation of crude oil and oil products. The Aframax tankers are designed in compliance with high standards of environmental safety and can run on both traditional fuels and clean fuel – liquefied natural gas. The length of the tanker, construction of which officially started on December 8, will be 250 m, the beam - 44 m, deadweight - 114 kt. A helideck is provided for on the vessel.

The honorary guests on the ceremony were Andrey Shishkin, Vice-President for energetics, localization and innovations, PJSC “NK “Rosneft”, Konstantin Laptev, Head of the Machinery and Technologies Localization Department, PJSC “NK “Rosneft”, Oleg Tereshenko, Managing Director, JSC “Rosnefteflot” and Pavel Shihov, Director, Far Eastern Branch of the FAO “Russian Marine Register of Shipping”.

Spectators of the ceremonial moment also were the representatives of the partner companies, in particular, the Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center, city administration of Bolshoy Kamen and, of course, SSC “Zvezda” personnel, which is expected to make the history by joint efforts further that is to take part in construction of the vessels.

In his welcoming speech Andrey Shishkin noticed that the way which Zvezda had made in two years –from the moment of outfitting the hull production shop and till the beginning of construction of the unique vessels that will carry oil and gas of “Rosneft” company. He congratulated the enterprise employees with the beginning of steel cutting for the first modern tanker, running on natural gas motor fuel, which will be fabricated in Russia.

–Zvezda has an objective set by the state, that is to bring Russian shipbuilding to a new level, - Sergey Tseluiko, the Managing Director of the Shipbuilding Complex addressed to the audience. "The largest and the most modern vessels shall be built at our facilities, the first of which will be the Aframax tanker." And the SSC team has a lot of work to do: from steel cutting to the vessel launch. In order to fulfill these tasks, “Zvezda” has all the conditions: the most advanced equipment, and most significantly, smart and skillful specialists. Way to go!

And now the main process has been launched: in front of the audience, the ultramodern highly dynamic gas-plasma cutting machine "Omnimat 8000" in a few minutes draws from a 13 mm thick steel sheet the image of the future detail with millimeter precision.

The act of the beginning of steel cutting for the lead "Aframax" tanker was signed by Andrey Shishkin, Sergey Tseluiko and Oleg Tereshchenko. Witnesses of this important event were given memorable souvenirs - tanker silhouettes cut out by SSC "Zvezda" workers with the same machine as the first detail of the future vessel was made.

After the ceremony, the guests saw other equipment of the hull production shop operating, in particular, hydraulic press for steel plate bending, butt welding portal for plates, portal cutting and marking machine SicoMat, portals for assembling and welding the main framing, turn-over unit of plates. The machines will process details of the future tanker.

Ekaterina Shuvalova, Marina Novoselova.

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The unique pump installation was supplied for dry dock under construction to Zvezda shipyard. Four pump sets with a capacity of 4800kW can pump off about 600 thousand cub.m. of sea water no longer than per 8 hours. This pump installation is the most productive, and will be sited on Russian shipyards.

Dry dock, is the main object of Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex the second stage, is planned to commission three years early deadline, in 2020 year. It is one of the largest hydraulic engineering installations in the world (dimensioning specifications 485m х 114 m х 14 m). At present time the works in concrete pouring of walls and service passageways, dumping artificial land parcel, constructing outfitting and auxiliary shops, and also cargo and outfitting quays, warehouses are running.

Caisson, floating bulkhead, is being built for shutdown of the dock. In addition to, commissioning works are finishing on of 1200t Goliath crane, which was set up on the dock adjacent area.

Technical parameters of the dry dock will allow to build the most existent and prospective types of vessels without tonnage limitation and launching weight of hulls such as atomic icebreaker “Leader”, the most powerful icebreaker in the world.

Zvezda shipbuilding complex & Samsung Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. (The Republic of Korea) in the framework of V Eastern Economic Forum signed the contract for design of gas carriers for Arctic LNG -2 project.

According to signed document Samsung Heavy Industries will become technology partner of the project & will transfer technical specification and rights to design documentation of project vessels to Zvezda shipbuilding complex. Also, Korean company will assist in development of working design documentation JSC “CDB “Lazurit”.

Built arctic gas carriers by Zvezda shipbuilding complex will meet all the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation that allows to recognize ships as Russian.

In 2018, PJSC “Novatek” confirmed the reservation of industrial capacity for the whole series of gas carrier ships of Zvezda shipbuilding complex for Arctic LNG -2 project. In April 2019, Zvezda shipbuilding complex and PJSC Sovcomflot concluded a construction contract for the pilot gas carrier for Arctic LNG -2 project.

The construction such vessels will be realized at Russian slipway for the first time ever. It should be noted such vessels weren’t produced in the USSR, they were ordered abroad for many years.

Vessel construction allows to overcome by itself the thickness of ice up to 2,1m. Powerplant output of gas carrier is 45MWth that is comparable power of the atomic ice breaker.

These arctic gas carriers are characterized increased environmental safety, in particular they use liquefied natural gas (LNG) as main fuel.


Zvezda Shipbuilding complex is being created basing on Zvezda Far Eastern Plant by a consortium headed by PJSC “NK “Rosneft”. Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex will construct large-range vessels, elements of offshore platforms, ice-class vessels, special vessels and other types of offshore facilities.

Rosneft entered into an exclusive agreement with the Zvezda shipyard to place all its orders for the construction of new marine equipment and vessels, as well as concluded contracts for the design, construction and supply of 28 vessels.

Samsung Heavy Industries has extensive experience and high qualification in the design and construction of gas carriers and Arctic tankers. It makes "big three" Korean shipbuilders.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the Zvezda shipbuilding complex located in Bolshoy Kamen, Primorsky region.

The modern shipyard capacities will allow building ice-class vessels, tankers, gas carriers and marine equipment of any complexity. This year «Zvezda» was determined the sole contractor for the construction of the Leader nuclear-powered icebreaker with a capacity of 120 MW.

 «This is the largest nuclear-powered icebreaker in the world. This icebreaker will be able to break ice up to 4 meters thick», Vladimir Putin said.

Delegation got acquainted with the progress of the «SSK «Zvezda» construction project during the visit.

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The «Rosneft» chief executive officer Igor Sechin said in his report to the heads of two states: «The «SSK «Zvezda» project is being implemented by a consortium of investors led by «PAO «NK «Rosneft». Currently, the first stage main facilities, such as an open outfitting open final assembly area, hull structures fabrication shop and paint shops, have been commissioned. The second stage construction is proceeding at a faster pace».

The delegation examined the key production object of the second phase construction. This object is the largest dry dock in Russia, which will be commissioned 3 years ahead of schedule - in 2020. The construction of the main outfitting shops for the dry dock will also begin ahead of schedule - in September 2019.

The technical parameters of the dry dock will allow the construction of most types of existing and prospective ships almost without limit to the tonnage and launch weight of the hulls. The dry dock under construction with dimensions of 485 x 114 x 14 m is the only dock in Russia with such characteristics and one of the largest hydraulic structures in the world.

During dock construction was poured 140,000 m3 concrete castings, put in 6600 pilings. Giant crane «Goliaf» was installed on dry dock. It has 120 m height, 189 m width. It is the second crane this type, which was installed on «SSK «Zvezda» The first crane provides the work open final assembly area since 2018. At the earliest date dry dock will equipped with 4 crane towers with a direct boom and lifting capacity of 60 tons and a floating bulkhead will be installed.

The head of «Rosneft» reported on the shipyard production program and the current portfolio of orders: «Portfolio of «SSK «Zvezda» orders is constantly increasing and currently amounts to 39 vessels, and taking into account options – 59. «Rosneft» has placed orders for 28 vessels. Now in production – 9 vessels, including supply vessels and tankers of the «Aframax» class, working on gas fuel and meeting the latest environmental standards. Currently, preparations are underway to build gas carriers with a capacity of 172 thousand cubic meters of high ice class gas for operation in the Russian Arctic zone. Among the potential orders are a series of gas carriers for the Arctic LNG-2 project, medium-tonnage MR-class tankers on gas engine fuel and the world's most powerful nuclear icebreaker «Leader».

During the visit, Igor Sechin reported to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on the readiness of the Company to begin the project implementation for the construction of a Far Eastern liquid natural gas plant.

The plant’s capacity will be 6 million 200 thousand tons of LNG per year. The plant’s resource base is the «Sakhalin-1» project fields and «Rosneft» own gas reserves on the Sakhalin shelf, totaling over 350 billion cubic meters.

According to «Rosneft» estimates, budget revenues during the project implementation period will exceed 5 trillion rubles, 5 thousand jobs will be created, and 700 permanent jobs will be created during the operation period. The new plant will strengthen Russia's position in the global gas market.

 Shipbuilding complex «Zvezda» cooperates closely with educational establishments of region and country within the framework of specialists training. Shipyard representatives visited Far Eastern Shipbuilding College (FESC) on 12th of November. V Open regional championship «Young professionals» (WORLDSKILLS RUSSIA) takes place these days.

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 «SSK «Zvezda» is social partner of Far Eastern Shipbuilding College: FESC, as the oldest educational establishment of Bolshoy Kamen, prepares specialists of service job in demand. At last time, so due to the primorsky shipbuilding cluster on base of «Zvezda», offices and workshops of college were serious modernized and were increased of modern equipment. And not by accident FESC was chosen as one of the site of prestige championship WorldSkills. At this site will determined the best competency specialists «Welding technologies».

General manager of «SSK «Zvezda» Sergey Ivanovich Tseluyko observed study office of welding technology, quality laboratory of welding joints and study welding site. So shipyard representatives visited electrical-installation and pipeline workshops, talked to experts and competition participants of WorldSkills and reached a consensus: preparing the site to carrying of championship deserves the highest mark. And so «SSK «Zvezda» will be glad to see winners and awardees among its employees.


 Let us recall, V Open regional championship «Young professionals» (WORLDSKILLS RUSSIA) takes place in Primorsky region from 8 to 15th of November. Competition oriented to increasing of service job prestige due to the inoculation of the best practices and professional standards. Format of the meeting involves the identifying the best competency specialists. Competency site «Welding technologies» was determined on the base of FESC at this year.


Four new residential buildings for Zvezda SSC, LLC employees were delivered in the town of Bolshoi Kamen. During the ceremony shipyard specialists were handed over keys from 144 apartments which are absolutely ready for habitation. It is planned to deliver stage by stage 12 more residential buildings with 528 apartments by the end of this year. Earlier , two residential houses , 68 apartments each, were inhabited under the project on housing construction for employees. By 2023, it is planned to build residential buildings for 5788 apartments in 7 microdistricts with the participation of Zvezda SSC and Primorsky krai administration. 

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Project on Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex construction has served as an impulse for Bolshoi Kamen development. New shipbuilding cluster being implemented in the Far East provides thousands of work positions and will ensure economic development of the whole region.

Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair center, JSC which includes Zvezda SSC, LLC  is performing a large scale work on recruitment, training and retraining of qualified staff. In 2019, Far Eastern Shipbuilding College started preparation of such specialists as hull fitters and electric and gas welders. Last year, 100 people passed retraining in the college on jobs required at SSC, this year their number will rise up to 200.

 Corporate program on staff preparation was implemented in the region, “school-university-enterprise”. Three Rosneft classes were established with subjects principle for the field studied in depth. Shipyard is in close cooperation with educational institutions.

 Within the frameworks of this cooperation students are educated, graduates are employed, days of the enterprise and job fairs are held. Employment centers all over the country were involved into the work on staff recruitment for Zvezda SSC. Road map was signed and is being implemented in cooperation with the Agency for Human Capital development in the Russian Far East. At the moment more than 3000 people are employed on the shipyard. Number of employees will rise to over 7000 by 2024.



Keel laying ceremony of the third Aframax type tanker was held at “Zvezda” Shipbuilding Complex.

Initial construction stages are steel cutting and keel laying, but it is keel laying that is considered by the shipbuilders to be the start of the vessel construction.
Aframax type tanker with the deadweight of 114 000 tones is the third out of 10 modern large-range vessels designed for crude oil and oil products transportation ordered by Rosnefteflot, JSC. They will be the first vessels of such type built in Russia in compliance with high ecological standards. Main and auxiliary power plants will operate on the ecologically clean fuel- liquefied natural gas. Length of the future tanker will be 250 m, breadth - 44 m. 


Keel laying ceremony was held on the open final assembly area of Zvezda shipyard. It was attended by the Representatives of Rosnefteflot JSC, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, staff members of Shipbuilding Complex

According to the managing director of Zvezda SSK, LLC Sergei Tseluiko, “ All vessels will be built and delivered to the customers within the established time frames, works will be performed at highly professional level”.

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Chief engineer of Rosnefteflot JSC Alexander Kovalenko noticed that at the moment  shipyard is operating in a unique mode, despite the fact that complex is under construction , its specialists have already started vessels construction.

“New hulls are being built, new equipment is being delivered – everything that the complex could fabricate products awaited by the whole country. Due to Zvezda shipyard shipbuilding industry will be brought to an absolutely new level”, Alexander Kovalenko noted.. Sergei Tseluiko and Alexander Kovalenko screwed the keel laying name plate to the bottom section of the vessel, after which Acts on keel laying were signed , marking the start of a new Aframax type tanker construction.


The keel-laying of the fourth of Aframax tanker took place on the open final assembly area of Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex.

IMG 6595

There are 12 tankers in the series of Aframax tankers. Manufacturing and assembly of sections of the first three tankers are performed in the shops and on the slipway of the enterprise in current times.   

Aframax tankers will be the first vessels of this type built in Russia. “Green” Aframax tankers are used for transportation of crude oil and oil products in unrestricted navigation. The vessel was designed in line with high environmental standards: the main and auxiliary power installations can work on the environmental responsible fuel- liquefied natural gas. The length of the future tanker is 250 meters, beam moulded is 44 meters, deadweight is 114,000 tons.   Aircraft platform is provided on the tanker.

The managing director of Zvezda SSC, LLC Sergey Tseluiko and customer's inspector of tanker, chief engineer of NK “Rosnefteflot” Yuriy Atyakshev attached memorable inset nameplate to the keel section of the future tanker during official ceremony involving shipyard specialists.

As noted Sergey Tseluyko, in the current context just such vessels will be able to sail across the whole world’s ocean without restriction.

“The serial production is the perspective of stability, and “Zvezda” has some orders. The main Customer - “Rosneft” provided the load of work program for shipyard until 2025. The keel-laying of the fourth of Aframax tanker has already shown, that we are very effective, the shipyard ready to build  new tankers for Russia,  gas-carriers and supply vessels for drilling rigs, and other kinds of marine facilities”, accented Sergey Tseluyko.

At the «Zvezda» Shipbuilding Complex, a meeting was held between Igor Sechin, Chief Executive Officer of «PAO «NK «Rosneft», and Indian delegation led by Minister of Oil, Natural Gas and Steel Dharmendra Pradhan on 22nd of October.

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The Indian delegation included representatives of state structures and business circles of India, including: Chairman of the Board of Directors of ONGC Shashi Shankar, Director of ONGC Videsh A.K. Gupta, director of Bharat Petroleum, Lalit Watts, as well as senior executives from steelmakers Tata Steel, Steel Authority of India Limited, JSW and coal mining Coal India Limited.

The business visit took place within the framework of the agreements reached between the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi at the V Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok.

During the meeting, the parties discussed relevant topics of cooperation, including cooperation on such successfully developing projects as the development of the Vankor cluster deposits and the development of Nayara Energy.

«Rosneft» is developing an integrated format of interaction with Indian partners. Our teamwork is based on trust, consideration of mutual interests and long-term prospects. The work goes along the entire technological chain - from oil production and refining to petrochemicals and the sale of petroleum products. I hope that today's meeting will give a new impulse to friendship between our countries», Igor Sechin noted in his speech.

The parties considered the prospects for joint participation in the «East Oil» project for development of the agreements reached in September during the visit of «Rosneft» delegation to India.

«Vostok Oil» has a large-scale resource base. A new world-class cluster will be created in the future», said Igor Sechin.

The «Vostok Oil» project includes the resource base of the largest deposits of the Vankor cluster (Vankorsky, Suzunsky, Tagulsky and Lodochny), as well as promising oil fields in the north of the Krasnoyarsk region, such as the Payakhskaya group of fields and the West-Irkinsky site. The cluster approach to the development of these deposits will maximize the realization of their production potential and provide significant synergy.

An additional competitive advantage of the «East Oil» project is its proximity to the unique transport corridor - the Northern Sea Route. Its use opens up the possibility of supplying raw materials from «Vostok Oil» fields in two directions at once: to European and Asian markets. Oil will be transported by Arc 7 ice-class tankers with partial escort by icebreakers, followed by transshipment to typical oil tankers.

According to Igor Sechin, taking into account large volumes of production within the framework of the «East Oil» project, it is advisable to use your own fleet. This ensures timely transportation and eliminates the dependence on freight rates in the market. The proposed logistic scheme will allow for the sale of high-quality raw materials of the «East Oil» project with a significant premium in relation to Brent grade oil.

The Zvezda shipyard is the first center of high-tech shipbuilding in the country and one of the leading shipyards in the Asia-Pacific region. It plays an important role in creating a modern ice and tanker fleet in Russia. During the visit, the Indian delegation got acquainted with the progress of «Zvezda» construction and visited its key production facilities, including a dry dock and an outfit, where the first two vessels are currently being assembled: a supply vessel and an «Aframax» type tanker, the construction of which is in the final stage. In total, 8 vessels are currently being built at the shipyard: 4 supply vessels of reinforced ice class and 4 «Aframax» type tankers.

«Since 2015, on behalf of Russian president Vladimir Putin, the shipyard construction project has been implemented by a consortium of investors led by «Rosneft». A total of 97 objects will be built: 30 of them are large industrial ones, including 16 objects of the first stage, the main of which have already been commissioned, and 14 objects of the second stage. The construction of the second stage is proceeding at a faster pace», Igor Sechin told the Indian delegation.

The meeting discussed the possibility of placing orders on «Zvezda» by Indian companies. The technological capabilities of the shipyard allow to build all existing and promising types of ships, including high-tech nuclear icebreakers, tankers, gas carriers, large-capacity vessels, offshore drilling, exploration and production platforms, ships and vessels of the service fleet, primarily ice class.

First steel cutting ceremony for the second Aframax tanker, 114,000t dwt took place at Zvezda shipyard on the 15th of November.

The ceremony was attended by Rosneft Oil Company CEO Igor Sechin and Acting Governor of Primorsky Region Oleg Kozhemyako.


The ceremony signaled the beginning of serial production at Zvezda shipyard of modern heavy-tonnage vessels for crude oil and oil products transportation. Aframax tankers will be the first vessels of such type built in the Russian Federation. Launching of the lead tanker is scheduled for 2020.

The keel-laying of the lead vessel was held in the outfitting slipway on September 11, 2018, during a visit of Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation to Zvezda shipyard.

The first steel plates were cut with highly accurate plasma gas cutting machine. The most advanced shipyard in Russia is equipped with high-tech machines and equipment using highly accurate methods of steel marking, welding and cutting, including laser ones. While vessel constructing inspection technologies are used based on noncontact measurements and 3D modeling, along with modern technologies that ensure control of operations at all stages, from documentation development to vessel delivery.

Within the framework of the visit to the shipyard, Igor Sechin and Oleg Kozhemyako watched the operation of equipment in the hull production shop, observed the outfitting slipway, construction sites of the dry dock and Sapphire Azipod Plant. The Company Managing Director and the regional Governor gave special attention to the construction objects of residential districts for the shipyard personnel.

As Igor Sechin said, the start of production of the Aframax vessels is essential to the whole country.

The construction of a modern shipyard of heavy-range shipbuilding is carried out on the basis of the President's instructions. The project involves the construction of production facilities of Zvezda shipbuilding complex, supporting utility infrastructure and housing for employees. The first part of the shipyard's production facilities was commissioned in 2016-2017. The largest dry dock in Russia is being built a year ahead of the schedule. “Having signed contracts for the construction of 25 vessels, Rosneft provided pilot production program for the new shipbuilding complex," - Igor Sechin said.

The chief Executive officer also pointed out that the startup of Aframax vessel production indicates not only the growth of technological, production, personnel potential of the shipbuilding industry, but it is also a matter of national security and independence.

The acting Governor of Primorsky Region Oleg Kozhemyako said that today's event is of great importance for Primorye: just three years after the project kick-off at Zvezda shipbuilding complex, they have already started serial production of the Aframax tankers.

"This is a new era in shipbuilding industry. No one have built such vessels in Russia. And, I am sure that shipbuilders will get all the plans and schedules done, they will deliver the first vessel in time. Further, there will be new orders that will ensure revenues to the regional budget, create new jobs. Currently we see the real work of Zvezda shipyard and Rosneft, making it possible to deal with the instructions of the Russian Federation President ", - noticed Kozhemyako.


25 November 2019Officially
The unique pump installation was supplied for dry dock under construction to Zvezda shipyard. Four pump sets with a capacity of 4800kW can pump off about 600 thousand cub.m. of…
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The fourth of Aframax tanker was laid down on the slipway of Zvezda SSC
11 November 2019Officially
The fourth of Aframax tanker was laid down on the slipway of Zvezda SSC
The keel-laying of the fourth of Aframax tanker took place on the open final assembly area of Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex. There are 12 tankers in the series of Aframax tankers.…